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Diagnostic Services:
Our in-house, diagnostic laboratory can inform our doctors about your petís general
health. Parasite and diagnostic testing are performed. Prior to anesthetizing an animal
for surgery, it is a good idea to check blood-work for liver and kidney functions. These
are the organs that process the anesthesia. Specific blood tests will show the doctor
if there are any asymptomatic conditions affecting your pet. Specialized diagnostic
testing is contracted through a local lab with most results the next business day.

Radiographs (x-rays) are taken to allow our doctors to view internal issues with your
pet. Whether the doctor needs to see internal organs or bones, this tool is a key part to
diagnosing some medical issues.

A large supply of pharmaceuticals, shampoos and parasite prevention are available.

      Prescriptions and questions about those prescriptions can be completed during your

Prescription Diets:
We currently use Purina and Hills Science Diet prescription diets.
These are necessary in the treatment of many diseases.
An inventory of these diets is maintained at the hospital.

Consulting and Referrals:
From time to time, certain cases will need more advanced testing or treatments. We
work closely with veterinary specialists to make sure your pet receives optimal care.
Mobile veterinary specialists, who can perform ultrasounds, endoscopies and other
advanced testing, are utilized to help diagnose and treat your pet at our facility.
This allows us direct contact with board certified specialists while remaining the
primary care facility for you and your pet.
For cases needing complex testing or treatments, such as intra-dermal skin testing or
complicated orthopedic repair, we may refer our patients to a specialty practice.
However, we will be in contact with you and the referral hospital, making your
experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.
When these situations arise, we will discuss with you all of your options and help you
make an informed decision.

Euthanasia and Cremation:
Termination of a petís life is a difficult decision.
After a doctor/client discussion has determined this choice, we will provide this service.
There are various cremation services available.

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