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Surgical Services:
Surgery / Anesthesia:
Elective surgeries that are recommended at six months and will provide your cat
or dog a healthier lifestyle include ovariohysterectomy (spay for females) and
castration (neuter for males).
Onchyectomy (declaw for cats) and tendonectomy (for cats) are available.
Some health conditions or diseases require surgical intervention.
Procedure and patient specific anesthetics are used.
Patients may receive an IV catheter, fluids and medications, as needed.
Our custom surgical suite provides your pet with a proper environment during
sterile procedures.
Anesthetic monitoring includes pulse oximeter, respiratory monitor, EKG and heated

Dental prophylaxis (cleaning), polishing and, if needed, extractions. These services
are performed while your pet is under general anesthesia. A dental cleaning unit is
      used to remove bacteria and plaque that can cause heart/kidney disease, chronic
infections and gum disease/tooth loss. Fluoride application is available.

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