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Wellness Services:
Annual health care for dogs and cats of all ages should include a complete physical
exam. Geriatric (senior pets above 7 years) exams will monitor for early signs of
potential diseases and conditions. We have an inventory of heartworm preventatives,
as well as internal and external parasite control.

A vaccination routine specifically required by your petís lifestyle and age will be

This is a permanent identification procedure. We use AVID, a small microchip that
is injected under the skin around the shoulder region. A scanner can then pick up
the number from the chip that is assigned to your pet. Owner information is
contained in a national database. If your pet becomes lost, most veterinarians and
animal shelters have the ability to scan the chip and access the owner information.
This procedure can be performed while your pet is in the office for an exam or during
a surgical visit.


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